What we do

Shisha charcoal & bbq charcoal factory and supplier and exporter in China

Featon Charcoal Technology (FEATON) is a Chinese leading manufacturer of shisha charcoal and barbecue charcoal, meanwhile, FEATON brand hookah charcoal briquettes, incense charcoal blocks and bbq charcoals are exported to many charocoal users all over the world. Our factory has been engaged in machine-made charcoal industry since 1989, started with just cooking charcoal, now FEATON offers an array of products from hookah charcoal briquettes to BBQ charcoal briquettes sold across the Middle East and many countries in Europe and South Ameria.

FEATON could design and produce the charcoal briquettes as per the requirement of our clients, such as raw material (charcoal made of fruit wood or bamboo or coconut shell), shape (outer diameter, bore diameter, thickness, length, weight), color (natural balck charcoal color and other colors such as gold, silver, blue, red, etc.). The raw material of our shisha charcoal and barbeque charcoal can be optional as per the client request and we guarantee that the raw coal materials of FEATON charcoal products shall be 100% pure.

When you are looking for a professional charcoal briquettes supplier and exporter from China that where to buy and import hookah charcoals and barbeque charcoals, please contact us, the professional and timely answer shall be provided by FEATON.

Our value

Integrity, Quality, Safety

Integrity steers all our thinking, behaviour and the way we nurture the relationships with our customers and other stakeholders.

Quality is valued in our processes, products and services and helps to improve our customers’ performance and our own competences.

Safety is essential in everything we do. Our customers can rely on us to put safety at the forefront of our designs, deliveries and services so that they can run their business without unpleasant surprises, and we all have a safe working environment.

Our vision

The customer centric leader in hookah charcoal and bbq charcoal

FEATON is a world-leading provider of shisha charcoal and bbq charcoal with a strong portfolio of products, services and solutions.

We understand the charcoal industry and our customers’ business needs, with a proven track record in the delivery of innovative, efficient and value-adding charcoal solutions. Our expertise is also often sought by industry bodies when developing new charcoal products.

Our history

The history of FeatonCharcoal is a story of transformation and upgrading

FEATON’s charcoal business, in its broadest sense, started in 1989 when FeatonCharcoal was a family workshop.

In 1989, our family workshop was established to produce honeycomb briquette by the first generation, most of our product was sold in local market.

In 2003, when China is phasing out the honeycomb briquette, and the gas stoves are being used more and more widely, the first generation started to transforme to be a bamboo barbeque charcoal manufacturer. 

In 2009, as the market requirements changed, we began to produce cubic charcoal from bamboo, it canbe cubic bbq charcoal and cube shisha charcoal.

In 2013, with the growth of the second generation and the further understanding of the foreign market, the development and production of hookah carbon was began. At this point, the main businuss of hookah charcoal is selling to domestic export merchants.

In 2016, our own export business was started. With our product advantages and good service, the export volume of round shisha charcoal made from fruit wood charcoal and cubic hookah charcoal made from bamboo charcoal gradually increased.