Featon Charcoal Technology (FEATON) is a Chinese machine-made charcoal factory of shisha charcoal and bbq charcoal with rich experience in design and manufacturing.

FEATON aims at providing good quality charcoal products at low price with satisfying service to worldwide clients in China.

FEATON is a professional manufacturer and exporter of machine-made shisha charcoal, specialized in developing, designing, producing and exporting shisha charcoal briquettes, barbecue charcoal series, charcoal briquets and incense charcoals .

The major raw materials of FEATON instant light charcoal briquettes are fruit wood charcoal, bamboo charcoal and coconut shell charcoal. Chongqing city where FEATON located has big production bases of apple and lemon, meanwhile the bamboo forests grow widely in Chongqing and Sichuan province nearby. The advantaged geographical environment and ecological resources provide FEATON lots of apple tree charcoal and lemon tree charcoal with high quality and low price, it enhanced our great competitiveness of FEATON brand charcoal briquettes in the internation market.

FEATON charcoal factory has engaged in machine-made charcoal industry for decades, started with just cooking coal and cooking charcoal, now we offer an array of instant light charcoal briquets from shisha charcoal briquettes to bamboo sawdust briquette barbeque charcoals and sold across the Middle East and many countries in Europe and South Ameria.


100% Natural materials

Our coal is made from natural fruit wood or bamboo with no impurities.

Odorless or fragrance

Our charcoal flavors shall be always pure, the raw material is completely natural and impurities are forbidden.

Short ignition time

Reasonable and scientific additive ratio, strictly control the production and product acceptance process.

Long-duration burning

The exquisite craft, careful selection of raw materials, high compression density of coal.

Fast delivery

Hight work efficiency, 25 - 30 days against our clients placed the order.

Eenvironmentally friendly

Nitre is forbidden in our charcoal materials, package shall be environmental protection packing materials.


Striving for your recognition with high quality and nice service.

Charcoal for hookah smoking must be hard, high density, easy to ignite, and burn longer with persistent heat, as hookah charcoal briquettes are the source of energy to produce persistent heat that shall be transferred to the tobacco inside the bowl. Since the glycerol is used to moisturize the tobacco and produce smoke, the hokah charcoal shall be able to generate heat above the boiling point 290 °C of glycerol.

FEATON’ pillow-shaped barbeque charcoal briquettes made from mainly bamboo sawdust charcoal bound together with cornstarch. Our briquette factory is adjacent to Tongnan county where has rich bamboo and lemon tree resource, and we can get cheep bamboo sawdust charcoals and fruit tree charcoals here.

FEATON dubbed the charcoal blocks as Featon Briquets and Pillow-shaped Briquettes for bbq and cooking shall be dried before being packaged for export.

FEATON has also begun customize and manufacture several charcoal products that combines their charcoal with spices to create flavored smoke.

  • Taking away worries and risks by the professional quality controlling regulations.
  • Saving your time by our high-efficiency and attentive service.
  • Working with third-parties to give you a no-worries product & shipment.
  • Lots of good feedbacks from Featoncharcoal clients prove our high quality and good service.
  • And we are still keep moving for better quality and services…


Years of experience in charcoal industry with professional staff.


Materials supplied with relevant certs as per clients request.

Fast delivery

Fast order leading time to major China Ports.

Ex-stock avalable

Types of products in stock for urgent needs

Small order acceptable

Featon accepts small orders and treat with same standards.

Save money

Save money in complain-free charcoal and efficient team work.

Extensive produt ranges

Full product line for manufacturing, packing and painting.

Quality assurance

Strict Quality Control Plan to guarantee the high quality.