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Shisha Charcoal Cube

Featon product numbers definition

① Surface pattern/total length. ② Charcoal material.③ Charcoal surface color.④ Charcoal size.⑤ Surface shape.
⑥ Featon charcoal brand - F.

Featon Shisha Charcoal Cube / BBQ Charcoal Cube
Material: 100% Fruit wood charcoal / 100% bamboo charcoal
Product numberFC22BF0FC27BF0
Side length22mm25mm
Ignition time15-20s15-20s
Burning timeMore than 1.5hMore than 1.5h
General packaging0.5kg / 1kg / 3kg / 5kg / box 20-24kg/carton
Size support customization.
Ignition time can be designed according to client requirements.
The weight of per tablet charcoal shall be heavier than standard weight.
The best-selling charcoal cube size: 25mm x 25mm x 25mm
MaterialFruit wood charcoal / Bamboo charcoal
I.Package/boxBox size: 30 x 30 x 50 Millimeters 250Grams/Box 18Cubes/Box
II.Package/boxBox size:12 x 12 x 12 Centimeters 1000Kg/Box 72Cubes/Box
III.Package/boxDifferent size available 250gm, 500gm, 1kg, 2kg
Package/carton10kgs/carton (as per client requirements)
PatternClients’ Logo can be printed as per requirements

One pack contains finest premium quality Featon fruit wood charcoal or bamboo charcoal with 10-100 charcoal briquettes each. The cube-shaped briquettes have a side length of 22 mm – 30mm each. The coal cubes are great to be used in heat managers, for chimney setups or even for traditional tinfoil setups.

Featon cubic charcoal burns cleanly and with little to no ash, guaranteed odorless and tasteless. For this reason, it is suitable for barbecuing and smoking.

When you’re looking for square hookah coals for distrbution as a wholesale, FEATON is your right supplier and supporter.

FEATON carries a wide selection of hookah charcoals and bbq charcoal briquettes, including both natural and quick-lighting options. Square hookah coals shall be a good choice when you request coals long-lasting heat and consistent performance. Quick-lighting hookah coals is easy to ignite with shorter burning duration, natural hookah coal ingition process costs more time and hookah smokers prefer it too. Whatever charcoal products you need, we’re sure to have the perfect hookah coal for you.

Cubed hookah charcoal comes in various shapes and sizes, it’s widely used on the market with flat hookah charcoal. Cube shisha charcoal are sometimes too big and flat shisha charcoals are sometimes not the right size, so the solution is cubette shisha charcoal which can be 120 Cubettes per 1kg box.

Small cube hookah coals are the perfect size for your hookah needs when smokers looking for a few coals for a quick smoke, this cubelet shisha charcoals are easy to light and produce little to no ash.

Product nameCube hookah charcoal, cubed shisha charcoal, cube bbq charcoal briquette, incense charcoal cubesProduct number character
Surface patternNo pattern① 0
Raw MaterialFruit wood charcoal② F
Surface colorBlack original coal material color③ B
Size/diameterSide length 22mm, 25mm, 26mm, 30mm④ 22/25/26/30
ShapeCube shaped shisha charcoal⑤ C
Product brandFeaton Charcoal⑥ F

Featon shall guarantee that all charcoal products packed carefully and stored properly to ensure our shisha charcoal shipped to clients with high quality and no moisture. Featon‘s efficient and stable logistics will keep deliveries safe and on time.

This cube-shaped charcoal can be made to any length according to clients’ requirements, nomrlly the length less than 3cm applied for shisha and the 20cm length charcoal performed with BBQ &  restaurant.


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