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Cube Charcoals Smoking Session

FEATON is Chinese factory supply and export high-quality hookah charcoals to renowned companies like Overdozz, CocoUrth, Titanium, Superior Coco, Golden Desert, Three Kings, Crown, Ring, such asCube Shisha Charcoal, Cube Incense Charcoal, Flat Hookah Coal, Cubettes Hookah Coal, Disc or Round or Circle Shisha Coals, Stick Hookah Coals, Hexagon Coals, Cuboid Hookah Coals, Quad-Cut and Tri-Cut Coals. FEATON Shisha charcoal can also fit with the phunnel bowls.

How to use charcoal for smoking shisha

In order to get the best result when smoking shisha, you need premium-quality charcoal. If you use anything less than premium charcoal, smoking may result in a sore throat or headache.

How to choose the right hookah charcoal?

The tobacco and the coal, the two points to help choose the right charcoal. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you. In this post we’ll talk you through on: how to choose the right hookah coal.