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Cube Charcoals Smoking Session

Cube Colas Flat Coals Cubettes Hookah Coals Quad-Cut and Tri-Cut Coals to Enjoy Your Nice Smoking Session

Hookah set shall be complete with the red-hot hookah charcoal because it is a constant source of heat that cooks the flavored hookah to produce dense flavorsome smoke. There are mainly two kind of charcoals, natural hookah charcoal made of natural wood materials like coconut husk, bamboo, and lemonwood, apple tree wood and quick light coals. No matter which type of charcoal you require, now you don’t have to search from local shisha charcoal market and huge internet, you can import the hookah charcoal right here at FEATON. Before import charcoal for your hookah market it is vital for you to understand the ins and outs of the charcoal, as this will help you pick the best depending upon you and your clients’ smoking style. If you prefer to enjoy a smooth smoking session then you can opt for natural coconut hookah coals and if you like to start a quick smoking session then you can go for quick light coals because it burns in a fraction of the time. Irrespective of the kind of charcoal you import you will find out our charcoal collection is the best in the hookah industry.  You may also browse our website and one staff could introduce another factory to supply matching hookah charcoal burner to light up your coals and shisha charcoal business.

Popular Hookah charcoal is widely divided into natural and quick light hookah charcoals, both having their ins and outs. Let us know more about shisha charcoals in details:

Quick Light Charcoals

Quick Light Coal (also called instant light coals or fast lightning) are generally foil-wrapped rolls of hookah charcoal that are infused with a synthetic accelerant and can be ignited using a normal lighter. Quick Light Charcoal instantly flash and burn your hookah within 1 min. FEATON hookah coal come into many sizes is popular in the world, FEATON charcoal ignites instantly with certain burn time limitations in the regular context. Depending on FEATON brand, the Quick Light Hookah Charcoal has different smoke durations.

Natural Coconut Hookah Charcoal

Manufactured with compressed coconut shells, natural coconut charcoal is the most popular source of heat for your shisha session. Unlike Quick Light Hookah Charcoal, Natural Hookah Coals take longer time to ignite, but this shisha charcoal burning time shall last longer. Depending on FEATON Hookah Charcoal brand, our coconut hookah coals come into a wide range of shapes and sizes, the burning time shall be extended than the Quick Lighting Hookah Charcoal. According to your requirements and preferences, FEATON can design and manufacture the shisha charcoal in different shapes like cubes, flats, circles, squares and so on.

Coconut coal is the most popular shisha charcoal material with lots of reasons. 1, coconut coal can produce consistent and high quality smoke. 2, it’s relatively easy to light up. 3rd, it won’t produce any unwanted flavors to hookah tobacco. finally, they’re quite affordable.

If you want to supply the best possible hookah experience to your clients, then coconut coal is definitely good choice!

Different Shapes of Hookah Charcoals

The shisha market has lots of hookah products with featured designs, styles, and sizes. No natural hookah coal can be suitable to all types of bowls and HMDs. Now the hookah charcoals are customized into different sizes and shapes to meet the unique requirement, you can wholesale and import hookah charcoals with different styles and sizes from FEATON that will perfectly cater to your needs.

Cube Coals / Cube Shisha Charcoals / Cube Incense Charcoals

We also have hookah coal in cube shape which is popular among Arabian market. The cube shape charcoals are super-stable and excellent in burning.

Flat Hookah Coals

This kind of hookah charcoal has a flat base which is suitable to foil-wrapped bowl.

Cubettes Hookah Coals

This hookah coal shape is a combine of flats and cubes. It is similar with cube coals.

Disc or Round or Circle Shisha Coals

This hookah coal is round or disc-shaped, round shape is common in both Quick Lights as well as Natural charcoals.

Stick Hookah Coals

This cylindrical-shaped hookah coal looks like fingers and makes the best fit with the phunnel bowl.

Hexagon Coals

It is a combine of sticks made from coconut shells and boons, meanwhile it’s great hookah coal of nature making coal.

Cuboid Hookah Coals

This hookah coal is a rectangular type of sticks shisha charcoal with flat surfaces. Quick Lights charcoals are also available in this shape.

Quad-Cut and Tri-Cut Coals

This hookah coal is the latest shape which is introduced to keep the HMD users in focus. When disc-shaped charcoal is cut into four or three equal parts, you can get Quarter Circle or Tri-cut Hookah Charcoals.

Top Brands Hookah Charcoal Supplier

Maybe you are always looking for the best hookah charcoal supplier and factory from China, Indonesia or Malaysia to have a good shisha charcoal vendor, FEATON always supply the best quality hookah charcoals, we offer shisha charcoals for renowned companies like Overdozz, CocoUrth, Titanium, Superior Coco, Golden Desert, Three Kings, Crown, Ring. Please cost a few minutes to browse our entire charcoals collection in www.featoncharcoal.com to find the product of your choice and try to cooperate with FEATON.

Why Import Hookah Charcoal at FEATON

FEATON is a leading and most popular hookah charcoal factory and exporter in China offering extensive collections of natural hookah coals. We offer outstanding bbq charcoals as well, FEATON charcoal is attend to your needs of shisha charcoal, incense charcoal and bbq charcoal in your time zone and language wherever you are.

Grab our Exclusive Wholesale Deals

No matter what kind of charcoal you want for your hookah lounge or smoke shop or stock good hookah coals or hookah wholesale, we serve all you want. If you are looking for an extensive range of hookahs, tobacco, and other accessories in China at wholesale price, FEATON can help you find and contact the factory. 

Where to Import Hookah Charcoals

We are your capable shisha hookah charcoal supplier and factory and exporter for all your hookah charcoal requirements. FEATON is devoted to manufacture high-quality hookah products, supply premium client services and fast worldwide shipping schedule. Find us www.featoncharcoal.com, FEATON will not let you down.


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Cube Charcoals Smoking Session

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