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How to choose the right hookah charcoal?

There are two points that matter the most if you are try to get a great hookah experience – the tobacco and the coal. Choosing the right charcoal is not easy as it seems. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you. In this post we’ll talk you through on: how to choose the right hookah coal

Let’s go!

In a nutshell, the hookah coals can be divided into two categories – instant (quick lighting) and natural coals. Broadly speaking, we can compare them as following – choose the natural coal if you have time and you want to experience a fresh, all organic hookah. On the contrary, choose the instant quick lighting coal if you want to begin your sessions fast. 

On average, traditional natural coals take up to 10 minutes to fully ignite, while quick lighting coals take only as little as 30 seconds.

When we compare the price, we noticed that traditional natural coals are the cheapest offering you a session for little money. Next up is the quick lighting natural coal – a growing range of products that are rocking the market, combing the fresh taste of the traditional natural coals and the short igniting time of quick lighting coals. You can get them for a higher price, depending on quantity you buy. Quick lighting or instant coals shall be the most expensive of those three.

In terms of taste, we highly recommend choosing traditional natural or quick lighting natural coals. They offer you the purest tobacco taste. Quick lighting coals, on the other hand, smell a bit weird when igniting. If you use instant coals, let the coal sparkle until the end and fully ignite before placing it on the tobacco bowl! Also, did you know that hookah sessions with a natural coal rarely end with a headache? This is the second reason we always suggest preferring those over quick lighting or instant hookah charcoal


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