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Good shisha charcoal and bbq charcoal


The good charcoal must be burned with stable and persistent heat with the following characteristics:

Temperature and Flame stability: 40 – 45 minutes
Hardness: the charcoal is not easily breakable while burning
Surface temperature: around 320 ºC ( 608 ºF)
Middle temperature: around 350 ºC ( 662 ºF)

During early ignition stage, all charcoal must emit some odour due to binder content. This odour normally will be gone after a few minutes of ignition, so when you put it on hookah bowl, there’s no more odour would be detected.

All charcoal has volatile content at a certain level. This volatile will emit smoke when you kindle it. But after a few minutes of kindling, the smoke will be gone. Smoke usually brings odour too. Scientifically speaking, there’s no charcoal in the world that has completely no smoke and no odour. So, it is a misconception when some charcoal brands claim to be odourless or smokeless.

Sparkling comes from burning of tar residue that stuck with charcoal. During carbonization process in charcoal-making, tar residual should be driven out, so there’s no tar residue content in charcoal.

Red colour flame

No off-taste

Many hookah smokers prefer to see white ash colour. But based on our experience, ash colour is highly depended on the soil chemistry where the trees grow. If the soil is rich of Calcium, then the ash colour will be white. On the other hand, soil that has a lot of Potassium will make ash colour brownish. Even some briquettes factories include such ash colourant like limestone in the ingredients to make white ash So, we are of the opinion that the idea saying white ash is better than brownish ash, is just a myth.

No matter what the colour of ash, the good quality charcoal, in general, must produce ash less than 6% (weight basis). Nevertheless, the European Standard EN 1860-2 for high-quality charcoal requires ash contents below 8% only.

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