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Four-hole Round Shisha Charcoal

Featon product numbers definition

① Surface pattern/total length. ② Charcoal material.③ Charcoal surface color.④ Charcoal size.⑤ Surface shape.
⑥ Featon charcoal brand - F.

Featon diameter 50mm 4-hole Round Shisha Charcoal Parameters
Material: 100% Fruit wood charcoal
Product numberFH50BF0
Ignition time40-50s
Burning time>70mins
General packaging10pcs/roll
Normally the size is diameter 50mm round charcoal, but we support customization.
Ignition time can be adjusted according to client requirements.
The weight of per tablet charcoal shall be heavier than standard weight.
For this kind of colorful diameter 50mm round tablets shisha charcoal, different color featured different product number in item ③

Featon can supply 50mm shisha charcoal with original color or printed on different colors, such as gray, red, blue, gold, silver, etc. The black and colored 4-hole 50mm round shisha charcoal can be supplied by individually packaged.

50mm round shisha smoking charcoal of Featon brand is guaranteed with high quality in hookah smoking and incense flied, meanwhile, it can be used as ignition charcoal of barbeque charcoal.

Featon is a Chinese leading supplier and exporter of shisha charcoal and bbq charcoal, the best we can do is keeping on supply good quality charcoal products which is relay on our advanced computerized equipment, efficiency production line and strict quality control system.

Product name50mm Round hookah charcoal with 4 holes, 4-hole round shisha charcoal, 50mm four-holed round Igniting charcoal for bbqProduct number character
Surface patternNo pattern① 0
Raw MaterialFruit wood charcoal② F
Surface colorGold printed shisha charcoal, original 50mm round tablet shisha charcoal with 4 holes③ G
Size/diameterDiameter 22mm,27mm, 33mm, 35mm, 38mm, 40mm, 50mm④ 50
Shape4-hole round or disc tablet shisha charcoal⑤ H
Product brandFeaton Charcoal⑥ F

Featon shall guarantee that all charcoal products packed carefully and stored properly to ensure our shisha charcoal shipped to clients with high quality and no moisture. Featon‘s efficient and stable logistics will keep deliveries safe and on time.


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